Habt ihr's schon bemerkt ...?! Kaum auf der ersten Stufe bin ich schon gewachsen ... :)

Die Schrift in meinem Blog ist ein wenig grösser ... und ich hoffe, das wir alle nun ein wenig entspannter lesen können. (Danke für Deinen Hinweis, Annemarie!) Für mich ist es mit einsetzender Altersweitsicht auch nicht das Schlechteste ... *fröhlich lacht*

Geniesst Eure "süsse Freiheit" ... tanzt, tanzt, tanzt ... während ich - nach einer kraftvollen Pause - die ersten zaghaften Schritte am Brenner erfolgreich absolvieren werde ... !


Did you recognize it ...?! Hardly on the first stair I've grown already ... :)

The font in my blog is a bit bigger ... and I hope that all of you are able to read more relaxed now. (Thanks for your hint, Annemarie!). I should see the optician anyway ... *lol*

Enjoy your "sweet freedom" ... dance, dance, dance ... while I'll successfully complete the first tentative steps behind the torch after a powerful break ... !

No more running down the wrong road
Dancing to a diffrent drum
Can't you see what's going on
Deep inside your heart
Always searching for the real thing
Living like its far away
Just leave all the madness in yesterday
Youre holdin the key
When you believe it

Shine sweet freedom
Shine your light on me
You are the magic
You're right where I wanna be
Oh sweet freedom carry me along
We'll keep the spirit alive on and on

We'll be dancing in the moonlight
Smiling with the rising sun
Living like we've never done
Going all the way
Reaching out to meet the changes
Touching every shining star
The light of tomorrow is right where we are
There's no turnin back
From what I'm feeling

Coz there'll be starlight all night
When we're close together
Share those feelings dancing in your eyes
Tonight they're guiding us
Shining till the morning light

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  1. I always enjoy your links and clips. Thanks for the musical burst of energy! Hope your torching went well :)


Schön, Dich hier zu sehen & DANKE, für Deine umsichtige Wortwahl!


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