... neu bei ETSY.


... new on ETSY.


Sometimes synchronicity is wonderful ... :)

A few days ago I scribbled a symbol on a piece of paper. It was funny to see that Angelina worked with a similar symbol.


The last post of the 12 Secret Book Club hosted by wonderful Jamie Ridler is about setting goals.

I enjoyed my time being part of the group. BIG THANKS … ! … for letting me share my thoughts although I didn't read the book … but … the blogs I read within this period of time were just wonderful … :)

I found out a lot about my creative process within the last weeks and - believe it or not - I wrote a plan for the upcoming week just to make more time for beads (my beloved goal!). Everything got so mixed up within the last months … I hardly found time "to relax in my head".

My planner is full of bright colors … beading time is represented by "divine purple". I'm really looking forward to CREATE …!

"With god no thing is impossible" (Lukas 1, 37)


... neu bei ETSY.


... new on ETSY.


TANZE - ... als würde Dich niemand beobachten.
LIEBE - ... als wärst Du niemals verletzt worden.
SINGE - ... als ob Dich niemand hören könnte.
LEBE - ... als sei der Himmel auf Erden.


PS: Ich liebe DAS LICHT ...!


DANCE - ... as if nobody would watch you.
LOVE - ... as if you never got hurt.
SING - ... as if nobody could hear you.
LIVE - ... as if heaven's on earth.


BTW: I like THE LIGHT ...!


Dieser kleine feine Anhänger in Meeresfarben ist ab heute neu bei ETSY.

Mir geht's "eigentlich" ganz gut ... ich stürze "lebendiges Wasser" literweise hinunter und durfte nach dem gestrigen Training feststellen, das meine Schultern so gar keine Muskelmasse aufweisen ... AUA! Wehe da tippt heute während des Unterrichts jemand dran ... :)


This little precious pendant in aquatic tones is now available on ETSY.

"Actually" I feel pretty good today ... drink tons of "lively water" and had - after yesterday's training - to find out that I don't have any muscle mass around my shoulders ... OUCH! I hope nobody is gonna tip on them during class tonight ... :)


In der letzten Woche habe ich gesehen, das Annette nun auch Pilates anbietet ...

Heute hatte ich meine Probestunde bei Petra und bin wie ausgewechselt. Im Gegensatz zum Tanz war alles sooooooo ruuuuuuuhig und schööööööön entspannnnnnnnnnnnnnend. Wie sich mein Körper wohl morgen anfühlt ... ?!


Last week I saw that Annette offers Pilates ...

Today I had my trial training with Petra and feel like a newborn. Compared to dancing everything was sooooooo eeeeeeeasy and veeeeeeery relaxxxxxxxed. Curious how my body will feel tomorrow ... :)


I'm a bit tired today … it feels as if I'm working on a flu … :(

Anyway … "Substracting Serenity Stealers" - is a wonderful subject to write about as I'm in the middle of "self-reflection 'n' action".

Last week I had some computer problems. While Bernd sat at my table I realized that he could hardly work on a solution as there was paper all over the place. Believe it or not … the clutter is gone! The energy flows … it feels wonderful … and I'll work on my beading-table tomorrow … BIG PROMISE ...!

Today I started with the "undone": Although I don't have so much power today I decided to spend some time in the basement and check on all flea market cartoons with clothes and shoes in it .......

To make a long story short: Bernd and me decided that we'll wash everything and donate it at Trebe-Cafe (a place for young homeless girls) and the "Chamber for Clothes" (who cares about socially deprived people) here in Kaarst. BTW: I wish I could see how the girlz are gonna "fresh up" a business outfit … :)

OK, … I better get going … there's a lot more to do when I take a look at the list … :)

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are in this world,



... neu bei ETSY.


... new on ETSY.


My posting today is about "Living in Abundance with Positive Priorities".

Nowadays I enjoy to spend my time with abundance. Coming from the "road of scarcity" I feel a huge gratitude for my "new lifestyle". Abundance is not about money … it's the way I care for mySELF … the way I connect with myself when I breathe, taste, feel, hear, see …

I enjoy my treasured moments when I walk the dog in the valley. During my walks I realize that I BREATHE intendly … like the TASTE of fresh air … FEEL centered while my feet touch the ground … love to HEAR the birds in the trees … and SEE the beauty of nature all around. When I realize that I'm with my SELF I just know that I'm the creator of my life … :)

"The origin of all things is tiny" (Marcus Tullius Cicero) … and today I'm sure: It's worth to make them BIG …!


Klammheimlich hat der kleine Mann gestern eine Schaumwaffel aus dem Einkaufskorb stibitzt und tat ganz unschuldig, als ich die Überführungsbilder schoss.

On the quiet our little hero got himself a sugar foam wafer out of the shopping basket ... acting innocently while I took the pictures.

Auf sie mit Gebrüll ...!

Once more unto the breach ...!

Ist aber auch zu und zu köstlich ...

It's really delicious ...

... so eine leckere Waffel ...

... such a yummy wafer ...

... und unschuldig fühle ich mich trotzdem ...

... and I'm really feeling innocent ...

... ehrlich ...! Schaut Euch meinen Heiligenschein an ...!

... honestly ...! Take a look at my gloriole ...!


Unser kleiner Held "Henry" ist heute 11 Jahre alt geworden ...


Our little hero "Henry" turned 11 years today ...


Attention: Your inner critic is gonna bite you …!

This weeks topic is "Transcending Rejections and Roadblocks".

I made the experience that rejections and roadblocks start to pile up in front of us as lessons / guidance when we go astray. I had to learn not to take their occurrence personally. Somehow I have the feeling that "my buddies" show up to give me an opportunity ... to find answers about my life and the question of what I really want. Within the last months these answers - and the positive point of view - made me stronger. It seems as if I finally understand the message …

I'll always remember this sentence: "If you walk into the wrong direction it's not good to accelerate." (Birgit Breuel)


... ein kleines Seepferdchen ist gestern geschlüpft.


... a tiny seahorse hatched out yesterday.


Oh, my … when I first read about the topic "Selecting Empowering Partnerships and Alliances" I thought I'm totally lost: During my "creative process" I found out that it's more healthy for me to stay away from groups as my body tends to react psychosomatically when I don't feel completely comfortable. Within the last three years I "allowed" myself to take care of my soul … and I really enjoy to work on my own.

On the other hand I can share a wonderful story which happened last week during an off-the-job-training. For coachings between the course hours we had to form an intervision group. I think everybody was a bit shocked when we had to get up, form a circle and find our partners non-verbal. In the very first second … I thought "… why don't we use matches …" but than I had a good time - trusted my feelings when I looked into the "soul windows" - during this highly energetic process.

Afterwards we were pretty tired as a lot of feelings occured … and some people of the group joked that we should go for matches the next time … :)

Encouragement, acceptance, being together without judgement and so much more is what I felt while we stood together as a group … and I know that we'll have an intensive time and learn a lot from each other.