Attention: Your inner critic is gonna bite you …!

This weeks topic is "Transcending Rejections and Roadblocks".

I made the experience that rejections and roadblocks start to pile up in front of us as lessons / guidance when we go astray. I had to learn not to take their occurrence personally. Somehow I have the feeling that "my buddies" show up to give me an opportunity ... to find answers about my life and the question of what I really want. Within the last months these answers - and the positive point of view - made me stronger. It seems as if I finally understand the message …

I'll always remember this sentence: "If you walk into the wrong direction it's not good to accelerate." (Birgit Breuel)


  1. I love your point of view. There ARE lessons in the rejections. You are so right.

  2. I am so glad you are stronger.

    Love the quote.

  3. ROFL - I love your ending quote. I'll try to remember not to accelerate.

  4. I never look as road blocks as lesson in life.
    Maybe there anther reason why I put up my own roads blocks.
    Thanks for the wisdom.

    Coffee is on.

  5. I love the idea of these "buddies" showing up to give you an opportunity! I love this way of thinking! :)

  6. What a great perspective-- looking for the messages from our roadblocks; such a good way to turn them into opportunities for growth and learning. Very insightful!

  7. I love thinking of rejection and roadblocks as buddies. I imagine walking alone and bumping into these familiar fellas and saying, "Hey guys, what's the word?" and finding out something important.

    Thank you so much for that perspective!

  8. BIG FAT THANKS, for all the comments: YOU made me really happy ... :)

    During my year in the blog world I was oftentimes pretty sad that a lot of people "just visited" my blog without leaving a comment. Somehow it felt like a "rejection" from time to time ...

    What a coincidence to receive sooooooooooo many feedbacks while writing about rejections.

    AGAIN ... MANY THANKS, ... I really appreciated your words and I'm absolutely grateful to be part of this wonderful circle,


    BTW: The no. 7 is my lucky number ...!


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