I'm a bit tired today … it feels as if I'm working on a flu … :(

Anyway … "Substracting Serenity Stealers" - is a wonderful subject to write about as I'm in the middle of "self-reflection 'n' action".

Last week I had some computer problems. While Bernd sat at my table I realized that he could hardly work on a solution as there was paper all over the place. Believe it or not … the clutter is gone! The energy flows … it feels wonderful … and I'll work on my beading-table tomorrow … BIG PROMISE ...!

Today I started with the "undone": Although I don't have so much power today I decided to spend some time in the basement and check on all flea market cartoons with clothes and shoes in it .......

To make a long story short: Bernd and me decided that we'll wash everything and donate it at Trebe-Cafe (a place for young homeless girls) and the "Chamber for Clothes" (who cares about socially deprived people) here in Kaarst. BTW: I wish I could see how the girlz are gonna "fresh up" a business outfit … :)

OK, … I better get going … there's a lot more to do when I take a look at the list … :)

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are in this world,



  1. I need to do some serious spring cleaning and I'm actually excited to clear things away and make room for more creativity.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Getting rid of clutter frees up space for the energy to flow for me as well. It is so important.

    A happy weekend to you too!

  3. I like your active approach to the things that stop your serenity! You go girl! :)

  4. cleaning out the clutter really does feel refreshing when it's done.

    and your beads are gorgeous.

  5. Wonderful! May that beautiful energy flow bring deliciousness in!


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