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May I invite you ...?!

This is my "hot-spot in the garden" at the moment. I just love my "Lady Emma Hamilton" rose I bought two years ago at David Austin Roses. The colors of the rose just scream "autumn is around the corner". Yesterday she got "Gertrude Jekill" as her new neighbor. We bought her this year together with three other roses when we were in Stourbridge, UK. I do hope that Gertrude will inspire with her pink image of love and behave instead of turning into Gert Hyde one day ... *lol*

Some more pics I like to share ...

The main sales room of David Austin Roses in Albrighton, UK.

The building next door - which was the main sales room two years ago - became the restaurant with delicious food and brilliant service.

A tiny peek from the restaurant into the sales area.

Well, ... this is it for today: Take care & enjoy a natural weekend ... !


Are you still around ...?!

Yesterday I completely forgot about my BLOG as I spent my day outside in the sun. I will take some bead pics today and list them in the stores as soon as the sun goes down. CU ...

WHAT R U UP 2 ... ?!

I've just wrapped my piece for the BLYTHECON UK raffle ... :)


On that day, you went into the forest ... nobody lives inside it ... but I can feel you coming alive if I close my eyes from already knowing of meeting you ...


Lead me from the unreal to the real!
Lead me from darkness to light!
Lead me from death to immortality!

(Brihadaranyaka Upanishad)

Oh, ... I have so much fun taking pics of my little girls and tell stories ... ♥

At the moment a lot of new ideas are circling around my brain ... and I'm curious which pieces I'll live one day. In the meantime I just enjoy to be puzzled ... *hehe* (nice play of words here!).

Enjoy your weekend ...! I'll do the same here: *PROMISED!*


"The clutter in our minds and hearts caused by wrong thinking and feeling is not so innocent, since it is the cause for much of our unhappiness."

A sentence with a lot of truth written by Astrid Fitzgerald in her book "Being Consciousness Bliss" ...


... during demonstration at the Broadfield House Glass Museum in Stourbridge, UK.

While I took some pics of VIC BAMFORTH Bernd was "spying" with a GUNCAM. Wanna see how Vic works the glass ...?! CLICK HERE ...! I was so in love with the way he moved his fingers ... the way he controlled everything so smoothly. You could feel the love he puts into glass. Later in the afternoon I had the chance to talk with him as he was spending his leisure time at the Ruskin courtyard. It was wonderful to find out that we have similarities in the way we work the glass and how we think about intuition ... the point where you have to make a certain decision. A very sensitive person ... with some incredible work.

Here's one of my favs:

Never mind: If you feel a desperate need for a GUNCAM ... maybe for spying in Wertheim at the Glass Bead Conference! ... contact me for more details on: pe (at) beadnik (dot) de


... on ETSY ...

Sometimes I'm impressed by my own beads ... *lol* ... and this one looks so sophisticated without anything else in the pic ... WOW ...!!! There is so much more sparkle going on when you hold it in your hand ... feels like MAGIC ...


I wish we would have a different month ...

In September the worst nightmare for approx. 23 000 dolphins starts in Taiji, Japan. On Friday I watched the documentary "The Cove" by Rick O'Barry and couldn't believe how some people deal with nature in a wildlife protection area. It still brings tears in my eyes when I think about it and I really do hope that this slaughter will be stopped ... soon.


Meine Finger sind heute so gelockert, das ich meinen seit 3 Jahren vernachlässigten DAWANDA-Shop wieder aufgefrischt habe. Einen Link findet ihr rechts in der Leiste ... :)

Für mich geht es nun in ein pflegeintensives Wochenende: Henry's Wunde heilt schnell bringt mir aber immer noch horrenden Schwindel. Genesungsgedanken könnt ihr gerne auf die Reise schicken ...


My fingers are so relaxed that I freshened up my DAWANDA-Shop which I neglected within the last 3 years. Please find a link on the right bar ... :)

I'll take intensive care of Henry during this weekend: His wound heals good but I'm still in a kinda shock. You are invited to send thoughts of recovery ...


Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!


Every one has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put into his heart. (Rumi)


Picture taken at "Broadfield House Glass Museum".

"For a long time, she flew only when she thought no one else was watching."

(Story People)


Du bist aus dem Gefängnis, dem Käfig entronnen! Du kannst die Flügel ausbreiten; der ganze Himmel steht dir offen. Alle Sterne, der Mond und die Sonne gehören Dir. Du kannst ins Blaue, ins Jenseits verschwinden: Hör auf, dich an dem Käfig festzuklammern. Komm heraus, und der ganze Himmel steht dir offen! Breite die Flügel aus und fliege wie ein Adler über die Sonne hinaus. Am inneren Himmel, in der inneren Welt ist Freiheit der höchste Wert. Alles andere ist zweitrangig, selbst Glück und Ekstase. Es gibt unzählige Blumen, doch sie können nur im Klima der Freiheit gedeihen.

Osho Christianity, the Deadliest Poison and Zen Chapter 6

Kommentar: Der Vogel auf dieser Karte schaut scheinbar aus einem Käfig hervor, der keine Tür hat und dessen Gitterstäbe verschwinden. Das Gitter war eine Illusion, und der kleine Vogel läßt sich von der Anmut und Freiheit der anderen Vögel ermutigen und verlocken. Er breitet die Flügel aus und ist bereit, zum erstenmal zu fliegen.Wenn wir ein neues Verständnis bekommen, wenn uns dämmert, daß der Käfig immer offen stand und der Himmel schon immer da war, um von uns erkundet zu werden, sind wir erst mal etwas ängstlich. Das ist ganz normal und natürlich, aber laß dir diese Gelegenheit, die Leichtigkeit und das Abenteuer, nicht durch die Angst nehmen. Laß Dich von der sanften Verlockung tragen. Spüre das innere Flattern. Breite die Flügel aus und sei frei!


On Saturday we watched the fireworks of "Kaarst Total" while sitting relaxed on our balcony. Almost relaxed ... as I was busy with my camera ... *lol*

"Sometimes we find the most beautiful things in the dark" were my thoughts when I saw these pictures. The first one reminds me on a dandelion and I thought about Katie - a woman I met in our B&B home - who uses lots of these pixie flowers in her work. A smile arised on my face when I saw the second picture: A bright couple who seem to communicate peacefully. I wonder what you see ...


Beautiful monkey glass pendant made by Marshall Hyde (aka Bodhi Boy) of Firemonkey Glass. I saw it ... fell in love ... and send Bernd straight over to buy it. I also like the idea that a certain percentage of the money goes to an animal fund.


No, you are not drunken ... ! We stayed at our fav Bed & Breakfast place which is situated on a cliffy street. I took a fast pic before we went to the exhibition at the Bonded Warehouse in the early morning hours:

A little sneak peak into the "backyard":

The first visitors arrived when everybody was busy with the build-up:

One of the boats which is ready to take you for a canal cruise (with / without jazz music!) on Sundays:

After the exhibtion we enjoyed some leisure time at the Ruskin Glass Centre. These guys were just crazy ...

Such a body-control ... unbelievable ... and I held my breath while he was trying to reach the other side with this huge turning bowl in one of his hands:

Everybody was impressed ...

Especially when they showed up in front of you for an invitation ... *lol*

My fav place to relax and rest my eyes at the Ruskin Glass Centre ... and one of the most "energetic-pathes" I walked while looking for Bernd ...

... doing business:

... or bumping into Michael (a friend of ours!):

I love the old buildings in the courtyard ...

... where you can sit nearby the water ...

... or take a pic of maestro Gianni Toso (in the middle!) which has a 700-year-family-tradition in glass. His work is amazing ... and I was happy to be able to visit his lecture on Monday.

Another building on the left ... and the realization that I forgot to take a pic of the road & the building which led to the British Glass Biennale 2010 exhibition. Oh, well ... :) ... next time!

One of the glass galleries, the bell tower (for sleepy students!), the coffee shop where you could eat delicious food and take a peak at all the glassy things for the fun auction where they raise money for the upcoming International Festival of Glass in 2012:

Our beloved pub "The Robin Hood" we visited every evening to drink famous Batham's Ale and have some sale & vinegar crisps ... yummy ...!!!

Hope you enjoyed your trip for today ... CHEERS & BYE ... ♥


Pics were taken by Richard Downton during the exhibtion at the Bonded Warehouse in Stourbridge. So happy to have such a nice memory ...!

Anyway: I managed to open my ETSY store yesterday and might have some more beads, pics & stories soon. In the meantime some relaxed music for you & me ... and my beloved "funky-littlee-monkey-ass" (aka DH Bernd *lol*).

Enjoy ...!

The ground beneath my feet
I know was made for me
there is no any one place where I belong.

My spirit's meant to be free
and soon now everyone will see
life was made for us to be what we wanna be!

It's yours and yours and yours
and what you see
was not meant for me.

but you don't have to be lonely
'cause in your world
you are truly free!

The thoughts that fill my mind
are a very special kind
because they're home to me and me alone.

And then i realize
that we all have a home inside
that was meant for us to be what we wanna be

It's yours and yours and yours
and what you see
was not meant for me

but you don't have to be lonely
'cause in your world --- you are truly free!

Music of life fills my soul
music of love makes me feel whole
as human history unfolds before my eyes.

My spirit's meant to be free
and soon now everyone's will be.
it's your right to be whatever you wanna be!

It's yours and yours and yours
and what you see
was not necessarily meant for me

but you don't have to be lonely
'cause in your world
you are truly free!

It's yours and yours and yours
and what you see
it was not meant for me

but you don't have to be lonely
'cause in your world
you are truly free!

you are truly free
to be what you wanna be
you are truly free
to be what you wanna be

you are truly free
to be what you wanna be
you are truly free
to be what you wanna be

(Gil Scott-Heron)

WHAT A TRIP ... *lol*

Everything started & ended with a warm hug from our "landlord" Jean. Bernd and me had such a fantastic time ... it's just unbelievable and feels like a dream.

During the exhibition I met many wonderful people. I was so impressed that lots of customers (even the ones I hadn't seen within the last two years but recognized at once ) showed up. "Thanks again, for taking the time to visit me and make me feel special. I loved the way you smiled while looking at my beads and enjoyed all the conversations!" ...

Hope to see you again in about 2 year's time ...!