No, you are not drunken ... ! We stayed at our fav Bed & Breakfast place which is situated on a cliffy street. I took a fast pic before we went to the exhibition at the Bonded Warehouse in the early morning hours:

A little sneak peak into the "backyard":

The first visitors arrived when everybody was busy with the build-up:

One of the boats which is ready to take you for a canal cruise (with / without jazz music!) on Sundays:

After the exhibtion we enjoyed some leisure time at the Ruskin Glass Centre. These guys were just crazy ...

Such a body-control ... unbelievable ... and I held my breath while he was trying to reach the other side with this huge turning bowl in one of his hands:

Everybody was impressed ...

Especially when they showed up in front of you for an invitation ... *lol*

My fav place to relax and rest my eyes at the Ruskin Glass Centre ... and one of the most "energetic-pathes" I walked while looking for Bernd ...

... doing business:

... or bumping into Michael (a friend of ours!):

I love the old buildings in the courtyard ...

... where you can sit nearby the water ...

... or take a pic of maestro Gianni Toso (in the middle!) which has a 700-year-family-tradition in glass. His work is amazing ... and I was happy to be able to visit his lecture on Monday.

Another building on the left ... and the realization that I forgot to take a pic of the road & the building which led to the British Glass Biennale 2010 exhibition. Oh, well ... :) ... next time!

One of the glass galleries, the bell tower (for sleepy students!), the coffee shop where you could eat delicious food and take a peak at all the glassy things for the fun auction where they raise money for the upcoming International Festival of Glass in 2012:

Our beloved pub "The Robin Hood" we visited every evening to drink famous Batham's Ale and have some sale & vinegar crisps ... yummy ...!!!

Hope you enjoyed your trip for today ... CHEERS & BYE ... ♥

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