Today I like to share a wonderful sentence ...

Intelligence is the shadow of objective truth. How can the shadow vie with sunshine?


My intelligence seems to fade with sunshine ... and there are no words who could describe the beauty I saw within the last couple of days.

Nature is a stunner ...!



Bernd left here on Thursday to pick up his fathers new car and spent some precious time with his parents. The BIG FUN for me started on Friday as I finally had the chance to change gears in Bernds' new sporty catafalque. I couldn't believe how aggressive this little automobile behaves. It sticks to the road as if a camouflaged magnet would hold it. When the speedometer showed 207 km/h (approx. 129 mph) I felt like chicken-shit and thought it might be best to lift my feet before experiencing a lift-off. Later in the evening Bernd told me that the car is locked at 240 km/h (approx. 150 mph). Well, ... take a look at my impressive chicken breast ... with a lot more courage for the next trip ...

Yesterday I was totally tired ... too much fresh air and food always gives me a knock-out afterwards. I only checked my eMails ... prepared a little SPECIAL ... took pictures for a NEW AUCTION which will start tonight ... and ... put together a little memory to share.

Lots of sunshine,



Last weekend I had the chance to see them ... and ... I'm still speechless by their high-energy performance.

Well, ... it seems as if I'm still sitting in the audience admiring every single move ... and I dream ... and dream ... and ...

PEtra *snore*


Explore another dimension of complexity: SPECIALs ...!


OH, my ...

Every single muscle in my body hurts ...

After a holiday break of two weeks we started to work on a new choreography in our dancing class with lots of funky moves. Although the collision risk to hit the colums in the room was very high we never forgot to make jokes and laughed while hitting the floor.

Well, ... this week was good to concentrate on jewelry ... and a powerful weekend.

Lots of love,



The bead - which arrived in England a few weeks ago - will be part of an International Invitational Glass Bead Exhibition called "TEMPEST" which will take place during the International Festival of Glass in Stoubridge, England, 22 - 25 August 2008. The exhibition theme "Tempest" is loosely centred around William Shakespeare's "The Tempest" a tale evoking a broad range of artistic visual interpretation with magical and transformational ideas. Please see a version of the story ...! It is hoped that the exhibition will tour to Portugal along side this event plus other venues.

On the other hand the pictures of this bead do have a mission: They are part of the TGK Competition "Glass - Handle with Care?" and will hopefully boost the awareness level of handmade glass beads. If you like to see more wonderful glass works click here ...! You won't regret it ... *BIG promise*