... during demonstration at the Broadfield House Glass Museum in Stourbridge, UK.

While I took some pics of VIC BAMFORTH Bernd was "spying" with a GUNCAM. Wanna see how Vic works the glass ...?! CLICK HERE ...! I was so in love with the way he moved his fingers ... the way he controlled everything so smoothly. You could feel the love he puts into glass. Later in the afternoon I had the chance to talk with him as he was spending his leisure time at the Ruskin courtyard. It was wonderful to find out that we have similarities in the way we work the glass and how we think about intuition ... the point where you have to make a certain decision. A very sensitive person ... with some incredible work.

Here's one of my favs:

Never mind: If you feel a desperate need for a GUNCAM ... maybe for spying in Wertheim at the Glass Bead Conference! ... contact me for more details on: pe (at) beadnik (dot) de

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