Oh, my … when I first read about the topic "Selecting Empowering Partnerships and Alliances" I thought I'm totally lost: During my "creative process" I found out that it's more healthy for me to stay away from groups as my body tends to react psychosomatically when I don't feel completely comfortable. Within the last three years I "allowed" myself to take care of my soul … and I really enjoy to work on my own.

On the other hand I can share a wonderful story which happened last week during an off-the-job-training. For coachings between the course hours we had to form an intervision group. I think everybody was a bit shocked when we had to get up, form a circle and find our partners non-verbal. In the very first second … I thought "… why don't we use matches …" but than I had a good time - trusted my feelings when I looked into the "soul windows" - during this highly energetic process.

Afterwards we were pretty tired as a lot of feelings occured … and some people of the group joked that we should go for matches the next time … :)

Encouragement, acceptance, being together without judgement and so much more is what I felt while we stood together as a group … and I know that we'll have an intensive time and learn a lot from each other.

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  1. What a marvelous experience! :) The making of ideal partnership.


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