"Look what I got for X-mas!"

A framed pic of my soulmate Bianca & me. I'm so so happy ...

It was 2:30 AM after a glorious X-mas party when Sascha Beckmann - who is very talented in portrait photography - stopped us in front of the golden curtain to capture a special moment of our friendship. Can you feel the core ... the treasure we're sharing ...?! During the evening I had the chance to see a few works from Sascha as he was sitting right next to me. Believe me: He's a master in finding the core of his counterpart(s).

OK, ... I better get going as I'd like to share some precious time with Bianca today and get my work done before I leave. Have a HaPPy DaY!

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Schön, Dich hier zu sehen & DANKE, für Deine umsichtige Wortwahl!


Nice to have you around & THANKS, for your thoughtful words!