Verlangsame Dein Tempo, und genieße das Leben. Du verpaßt nicht nur die Landschaft, wenn Du zu schnell vorangehst - Du verlierst auch das Gefühl dafür, wohin Du gehst und warum Du dorthin gehst.

(Eddie Cantor)


Slow down and enjoy life. You don't just miss the landscape if you walk too fast - you also loose the feeling where you walk and why you walk this way.

(Eddie Cantor)

Dear Friends -

I like to enjoy my fav time of the year: SUMMER ... ♥
... and prepare my next exhibition at the British Glass Biennale:

28th & 29th August 2010
"7th Annual Bead Fair"

The Bonded Warehouse
West Midlands DY8 4 LU

Unfortunately I won't be able to ship during this time and decided to close my ETSY.shop until September 2010.

If you have further questions please feel free to contact me, I will try to reply the convos.

Thank you so much for your understanding and patience ...!

Warm Hugs,

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Schön, Dich hier zu sehen & DANKE, für Deine umsichtige Wortwahl!


Nice to have you around & THANKS, for your thoughtful words!