Well deserved & long overdue: Paul Weller got the NME Award 2010 ... finally!

This sentence cracked me up: "Paul Weller, ... the only man with a hairstyle more ridiculous then Rod Stewart ...!"

Uhmmm, I love it ... but ... check out his latest style 4 yourself ...!


  1. Petra, I accidently came across your blog after I was completing mine and saw the Paul Weller video. He is one of my favorites and I did not know he won. I was meant to see your blog I suppose, to see him.

    You do Beautiful beadwork. I will look on etsy as well.

    Ich sprechen ein bichen (sp?) deutsch. Went to Mainz/Frankfurt in 1990 and learned a few things.

    vie Gehts!

    Sandra Schultz
    (yes very German American name)

  2. LOL, Sandra ... what a lucky break!

    Thanx, for taking the time to check on ETSY ... :)

    Should you need some more lessons to do your name (*hehe*) some justice ... just ring the bell!

    Lots of love,


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