They look so cute

... in einer alten Vase meiner Oma.


... in an old vase of my granny.


  1. Beautiful! That vase reminds me of one I have. It came from the daughter of a woman with Alzheimer's. Lee was a beautiful, classy woman, even in the throws of disease...and her daughter very kindly gave me the vase her mother had treasured. Thanks for evoking a very good memory :)

  2. Oh, Angie ... your story is so much better than mine! My granny had a strong depression and comitted suicide (well, Alzheimer is also not "the best choice!) ... but ... I still see her smile while she put flowers in this tiny vase and this is my happy memory about her and the vase ... :)

    BTW: I would love to see your vase in your blog. Yeah, let's have a "vase feast"!


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