Meinen 1. BLOGgeburtstag habe ich gestern tatsächlich am Schreibtisch "verarbeitet" ... :(

Vor einigen Minuten habe ich diese wunderschöne Perle bei EBAY eingestellt und wünsche Euch ein blumiges Wochenende,



Packed with a lot of work I totally forgot about my 1st BLOG-birthday yesterday ... :(

A few minutes ago I listed this really beautiful bead on EBAY and wish you the most "scented weekend" ever,



  1. Happy Blog-Birthday, PEtra! I love coming here. Your pictures, all of them, are so pleasing to the eyes and heart :)

  2. Thank you, Angie ... I'm ALWAYS happy to read your warm-hearted lines ... :)

    Sometimes I wish that more people would have the courage to leave a comment here ... and somehow I know that this will happen one day. I mean I'm a "toddler in business" ... ROFL!


Schön, Dich hier zu sehen & DANKE, für Deine umsichtige Wortwahl!


Nice to have you around & THANKS, for your thoughtful words!