... are hiding HERE ...!

Lots of fun,



Did you see it ...?!

I had so much fun with the "beautiful white" ... enjoyed my first comment here on BLOGGER (Dankeschön, Christine ...!) and the taste of defrosted chocolate ... ,



Right now I'm asking myself: Will the Easter Bunny lay eggs in the hail ...?!

Wishing you some very special moments ... may your heart be filled with laughter ...!



A new SPECIAL with a meaning ... !

In the beginning there's uncertainty … it's all about decisions …

Some decisions originate unconsciously / consciously …

We rest in ourselves … it's dark somehow … time works, … to bring more light into the situation. Amidst this "pupation" we need tranquility to grow securely.

This process clears: We open ourselves to take a lovingly and wakefully look onto the silence which likes to deliver a message. All these thoughts - which circle around us - send us on a journey …

We try to clarify while looking at the matter of fact from different angles. Oftentimes it feels tempestuously as we lost our psychic balance …

I created this series to give comfort …! With the hope that you'll be able to unfold yourself with your personal butterfly I send you lots of light & love,


PS: Dieses Lied ist "nur für Dich" ...


Today I saw a wonderful message ...

"... everyone is scared returning to their true selves ... they've become accustomed to their roles in the story ..."

When the stars go blue ... go ahead ... find the missing pieces ... you belong into the light ... even though you were just thinking that it wouldn't matter if you dissapeared.

One day you'll see: Something worthless is precious for somebody else,



Right in the middle of taking pictures for my new series LIFE.SAVER I got the most precious sign ... !

Hope you'll enjoy this little "wonder" ...



Don't you just enjoy the silence ... ?!

I'm working on new ideas and reflect a lot: The angel is smiling ...

My inner child gets a lot of support. I'm no longer frightened to ask for help ... to light up the dark places which are now flooded with positivity.

THIS (sorry, only German!) is for all the people who "ride the storm of tranquility" ... :)

It's good to have you around,